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Attic spray foam insulation is ideal for older and newer roofs as it can provide a great seal from the cold coming through the roof tiles and the membrane. A breathable vent card is placed on the underside of the membrane to allow air to circulate under the tiles. Due to it’s expanding nature it can seal those tight areas easily.

  • Improves BER rating
  • Reduces utility bills
  • Fire resistant
  • Moisture proof

Insulation For Internal Walls

For residential wall insulation, open cell spray foam is used. This is to allow the structure air to circulate. Spray foam insulation walls can be used for heat loss, noise reduction and food storage temperature drop.

Spray foam insulation is a great way to reduce heat loss in timber frames homes. It can be used extensively throughout the house to create an airtight envelope.

Spray foam insulation is also great for noise reduction.

Our spray foam technicians are professionally trained and certified to use NSAI-certified spray foam insulation.

Spray foam insulation improves structural stability, reduces heat loss and can eliminate up to 75% outside noise. The cavity is completely sealed by the foam and it does not shrink. This means that air leakage can be reduced to zero.

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Roof Spray Foam Insulation

A poorly insulated roof can reduce heat by up to 35%. The cracks and gaps between tiles and roofing felt create hot air and heat.

Badly insulated roofs can also cause problems in the summer. They will allow your attic to heat up to very high temperatures. This prevents hot air from the lower rooms from escaping through the roof.

Attic insulation is spray on the roof’s underside. Roof insulation is then applied from the top. It’s also used in industrial buildings. Spray foam can deteriorate due to direct UV exposure. To reflect sunlight, a flexible membrane must be applied.

Lack of insulation on a roof can also lead to moisture buildup in the form condensation.

It can also drip into the attic, creating a moist environment that allows mold growth and can lead to the rotting of structural beams or joists.

Any items that are sensitive to this environment could be affected by the damp environment.

Spray foam insulation fixes all of these issues.

Because it is breathable, open cell spray foam insulation has been popular. This allows moisture to flow effortlessly through the roof and out of the attic space. This helps to combat the problem of condensation.

Spray foam insulation is far more effective than traditional insulating materials like rock wool, fiberglass and cellulose. Spray foam expands into every crevice, sealing out cold drafts, wind, and driving rain. Spray foam can also be used to reduce outside noises and act as a sound barrier.

Tallaght attic conversion

Floor Spray Foam Insulation

It reduces sound transference by up to 50% when used in walls, attics and roofs. Because of its dense composition and application process, it creates an airtight envelope. It blocks sound from outside, including traffic, pedestrianised streets, and areas near airports.

Spray foam insulation also stops sounds from inside a structure being transmitted to floors below, above, or into adjacent rooms. Spray foam insulation would dramatically reduce the noises that are often generated in a structure.

Spray foam insulation, which is flexible and packed with millions of tiny air bubbles, absorbs vibrations from the floor and wooden members. It also inhibits sound transfer through the floor. Spray foam insulation reduces airborne noise transmission by sealing all cracks and crevices.

Spray foam insulation can also dampen, if not completely eliminate, sounds from within floors such as water moving through pipes. It surrounds pipes securely, preventing them rattling. It eliminates the sound that is made when hot water flows through pipes from heating system. This causes wooded joints to expand, creak, and groan.

It also stops heat from escaping to the upper levels, which makes the lower floors cooler and requires more heat to keep them warm.

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